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Our philosophy

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In today's world we believe that it is simply not good enough to ask a client, "How many pages?" and supply a price. We are firm advocates of full service design and delivery for any brand or company, whatever the size. We're experienced enough in the many fields of our industry to be able to give our clients help, not only understanding what social media can offer them, but how print advertising can be used to assist in brand growth and recognition, how to tie in online video to blogging, or why SEO is of utmost importance to an online presence. We can offer app development for today's generation of smartphones, and have the photographic skills that clients need to help complete the visual identity of their brand. If there is something we don't know about, in all likelihood we will know someone who can help.

But above these practical skills that we use on a daily basis to help deliver clean, professional marketing assets, we are very creative thinkers. We can help you come up with new and exciting approaches to help you win clients, supply information, sell products, raise money or simply communicate with the world about what you do that makes you so special. And we're very good at it.

We pride ourselves on how we deal with our clients. We are professional, courteous and enthusiastic. We have clients who have been with us for well over a decade, and they continue to use us because they like us. And this makes us happy.

About arcticflea

Arcticflea is a small family run multimedia and website design and development company based in Wokingham, Berkshire. We design and deliver high quality websites and multimedia for our clients, and can also bend our talents to the print side of the design spectrum. We also supply SEO, social media and online marketing advice, and can support your new, or existing, online presence on an ongoing basis.

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